Characteristic for the 21st century is a (con)fusion on diverse levels being also visible (perceptible) in fashion, art and design. Values in all means are reconfigurated, deliberating wether or which existent conditions are adequate to the contemporary and the future.
The edition of earrings is lasered from acrylglass leftovers. A cheap material made from recycled palstic waste hence not having any material value, striking rather with value generated by factors of sustainability. style(design)wise it´s referring to the 90´s tribal aesthetic experiencing a comeback in a fusion with other trends from former decades.

PPE 2K20

Personal protection equipment
With PPE_2k20, handmade in Germany from 100% supersoft cotton you can smoothly state and promote awareness for corona conscious behaviour _ and fashion bling

As face masks//covers became due to Covid19 omnipresent, designs came up distancing from the clinic aestehtic to reduce the number of objects associated with desease and death, hence the awareness of the horrific, heavy impact of the Corona virus. As a fact positive mindsets keep societies healthy. Still being aware of reason and impact and the correlations of conditions, regulations and behaviour is essential for a solidary, reflected handling. The Corona scarves state an approach reflected, aware but optimistic.


world´s first and finest shame_based media lab. Founded in 2018 in Karlsruhe, Germany by Helene Kummer and Nina McNab SHAME intends to practice and promote an approach of dilettantism, basing on its origin dilettarsi (to amuse oneself´). A practice free from the obstructing criterion of innovativeness, relevance or instagramability floating in the vague sphere between art and design.

Photos: Jule klenert
The Bar shooting: credits to Jule Klenert, Amelie Doll, Daniel Adlmüller, Felix Bouché, Luise Reidelshöfer, Hannah McNab, Helene Kummer
Underwear: Models stay anonymous

Sandpaper Lingerie

The project Reizwäsche is referring to the German expression for lingerie. Whereas Wäsche simply describes underwear, Reiz simultaneously implies stimulus and irritation. Hence this series of lingerie does not merely stimulate, but irritate _ and surely not only the wearing one´s skin *twinkle*
Inspired by sexy lingerie from toilet vending machines four different models evolved: Trish//Travis, Cleopatra//Cesar, Jutta and Jürgen.
The Reizwäsche was set softly bedded in light blue velvet contrasting colour and materiality creating a loaded balance. The catalogue is tributing the Lingerie spotlighting the shots, dealing with type merely in its graphical function. Heading towards the catalogue release (2018) we created a collection of merchandised fashion pieces for which we screenprinted SHAME on outworn/-fashioned clothes, set and shot in late night smoker bars with and by their customers and bartenders. The Reizwäsche project does not intend to state concretely but rather opens a potential discourse on correlations between shame, irritation and stimuli.
The original Reizwäsche pieces were shown so far in Karlsruhe, Germany and Zürich, Switzerland.