Nocturnal sounds / 00:03:58 / 2020

Mothers. I am quivering, my hands tightened fearfully upon
the one I am holding.
At the nighttime lots of thoughts came to me, mostly
intrusive thoughts. Sometimes they are too
Repetitive and monotonous voices (in your mind). These
monotonous noises are repeated and transformed into
obsessive prayers. Unmistakably, It's a distressing sound.

Stay with the trouble / 00:01:17 / 2020

Produced during covid19 era
Fear of being without a smartphone alert !!
We are wired to have feelings. If we express these feelings
in off-putting ways, this wiring can invite disconnect in
“The basic purpose of the mobile phone is to allow people
to be in two different
places to communicate instantly, eliminating the human
anxiety about loneliness,”
I am a performer in this game.
Never ending isolation.

The aesthetics of being disappeared part 1. / 00:03:31 /2019

Awkwardness in social life.
Relay on online. Feels more real in online.
Hey, I rather be online.
The gap between social media and real life.
No internet / No love.
Cc:virtual life / Bcc:real life.

Opaque Romance / video painting / 2019

Blending fantasy and virtuality with everyday life. An idea
of apophenia occurred in between interpersonal
relationships. Misperception involving an obscure spur
being perceived as something distinct between us, humans.

House work / on-going project / 2018

Humanizes the medium by dealing with themes of
motherhood and housework. It sort of mimics the way
motherhood is commercialized in contemporary capitalist
society through a constant barrage of information and
visual stimuli. There is also a great commentary on the
clash between the role of the female body as mother and as
sexual object.