\\ Art.1 PURPOSE:

ISIT.magazine announces its third edition of ISIT.opencall. The opencall aims to create the opportunity for artists, writers, reporters, photographers, illustrators, designers, graphic designers, curators, critics and tattoo artists to express their research and to have a promotional platform.

\\ Art.2 TARGET

The opencall is directed to: artists, writers, reporters, photographers, illustrators, designers, graphic designers, curators, critics and tattoo artists. It is possible to apply as a group or collective, it is possible to apply more than once. The submission of application is complitely free of charge and open to anyone, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender, religion, social or political conduct.


The deadline for submitting proposals is May 1, 2021 at 23.00 CEST.

By that date, candidates must send an email to with the following attachments (we will accept WeTranfer submissions):

> application form fully completed in English or Italian

> documentation as follow:

> Artist, Designer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Tattoo Artist -> CV + Portfolio (PDF)

> Writer/Reporter, Curator/Critic -> CV + at least 3 articles/texts (published or unpublished)

The candidates can apply for more than one section, filling the checkboxes in a single application form and sending the documentation required by each section.

Social profiles or personal websites are not a substitute of the portfolio (PDF).

It is possible to apply as a group/collective/duo with the indication of a representative.


The selection of the candidates will be the exclusive responsibility of the ISIT team. The guidelines for the selection are the artistic research quality, the common line with our mission and the respect of the application instructions.

The jury has the right to select no candidates in case of a lack of interesting projects. 

\\ Art.5 AWARD

The opencall’s winners, for each category, will show a project (published or unpublished) inside the magazine (both online and offline). The project’s structure and concept have no limitations, and can be managed freely by the winner, in collaboration with the ISIT team.

The award does not include a free copy of the magazine.


The following must be regarded as grounds of exclusion:

  1. failure to submit all required documentation;
  2. explicit incompatibility with the ISIT mission;
  3. projects that run counter the ethical principles of the organization.


Winners will be asked for promotional contents such as images, videos, and texts.

\\ Art.8 CONSENT

Each candidate expressly authorizes ISIT to process the personal data transmitted, in accordance with the new European legislation on data processing (EU Regulation no. 679 / 2016) of GDPR, also for the inclusion in databases operated by such persons. Each participant freely grants to ISIT all the rights for the reproduction of images, videos and texts entitled to the magazine realization, for the publication on ISIT official website and social profiles, and for any other type of organization’s communication, promotion and activities. ISIT team will retain the right to make a final decision on everything that is not specified in this communication. The Organization reserves the right to make changes to the notification when necessary. Enrollment in the competition means complete and unconditional acceptance of the articles in this regulation.

\\ Art.9 RESULTS

Winners will be announced on and on social profiles by May 15, 2021. ISIT team will personally contact the winners by email. All winners will gain visibility through ISIT official communication channels (INSTAGRAM e Facebook @isitmagazine, website

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