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ISIT a Magazine.


ISIT wants to create a connection between different roles of the art system that usually work separately.

ISIT questions the realness of our fake world. Stacked in a neutral zone between the perceived reality and the fictional quality of virtual devices, the magazine stubbornly tries to break the frail securities that our contemporary society offers.
In an age of a blurred plurality, uniqueness loses its value. The creator is just a medium by which informations come through. Roles are reversed, information mold the author, not viceversa.
The magazine pokes fun at the standardization of editorial structure, looking at the content with an ironic attitude, questioning the functionality of contemporary information. We do not perceive reality living virtually, but experiencing reality makes us able to jump into the web, that indirectly offers us a mediated reality. The website scheme ingenously overshadows his own content. The Mag questions itself with an absurd paradox: the paper form wants to revalue the real, letting the reader achive easily and functionally every info; the web form is somehow broken and non-functional, it laughs at himself with a self-censured reflection. Lost in a systematic chaos, ISIT plays wit his own medium.


Contemporary condition that makes us feel a moltitude of contradictory feelings, true as well. Reactionary feeling, a commodify convention.

Social politics, alternative but irrelevant.


The data dump, flowed out of our weblife, contributes to create an entropic system made up of disorder and memory. Moreover there’s no data vaulting (unless our personal datas are involved and thrown into a flux managed by bigger systems, just some kind of rubbish food for the industrial and political system).
ISIT just a cliché, stereotype of his society.
Taking ourselves seriously becomes the will of not doing it.
The screen, an interface that drives the spectator right into itself. The image, when coming from a screen, acquires a new form of sovereignty that substitutes our sensory mode, making the blind contemporary spectator fall into a state of deep ambiguity.

Everything’s relative, ISNT?

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ISIT is an open project, there is no editorial policy, and each issue has its own identity from scratch. The guest Artists of ISIT are totally free to present a personal project able to scatter every publishing structure.