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//Who are we?

ISIT.magazine is an independent editorial project born in 2018. The magazine wants to create an exchange and sharing platform, a connection between different roles of the art system, with particular attention to the up-and-coming scene, both Italian and international.

The editorial staff is composed of founders Andrea Frosolini and Federica di Pietrantonio, and Alessandra Cecchini, actively involved in contemporary art scene.

//What is the project?

The magazine gives all collaborators the chance to create a personal project in total freedom, offering a paper-space, inside the magazine, and an online-space, inside the purpose-built virtual platform

ISIT wants to be an opportunity for their artistic career and a connection between the various figures that every year take part in the project, by application (opencall) and by invitation.

The magazine annually looks for new figures to build an ongoing space of freedom and cultural research, including figures like: artists, curators, critics, illustrators, writers, reporters, graphic designers, etc..

//What’s our budget?

With the precious help of our backers, it will be possible to support the growth of the magazine and ensure its activity. The ISIT’s team will work on the distribution and promotion, by taking part in events and fairs, in Italy and abroad.

ISIT is financially supported by its editorial staff, there’s no participation fee to apply.

We commit to making the magazine accessible and open to everyone, we are artists and we understand the difficulties that could be involved in the art field. 

With this crowdfunding’ project the magazine hopes to extend its distribution and production, to give greater visibility to all the contributors involved in the project, proposing various artistic researches, their uniqueness, and originality in the contemporary scene. 

//Thanks to the backers

Every contribution, even little, is very important and to let you know its real value we want to thank you with some symbolic rewards:

For a donation of 10€, we’ll send you a digital copy (PDF) of the first issue of ISIT.magazine.

For a donation of 20€, we’ll send you a digital copy (PDF) of the second issue of ISIT.magazine.

For a donation of 50€, we’ll send you a poster/cover in A4 format, made by one of our artists, as a special edition of the first issue of ISIT.magazine.

For a donation of 100€, we’ll send you a printed copy of the first issue of ISIT.magazine.

Lastly, for a donation of 200€ or plus, we’ll send you a printed copy of the second issue of ISIT.magazine.

//Short Magazine’s Bio

ISIT.magazine has been presented in many publishing art fairs, such as FRUIT – Independent Art Fair (Bologna), PAPER – Market Edition (Roma), Internet Yami-Ichi (Bologna). It’s distributed in our online shop, in Rome at Contemporary Cluster (best hybrid space in Italy for Artribune) and at Roma Smistamento. In May 2021 ISIT planned an exhibition at Spazio In Situ with selected artists from its second issue.

You can find articles about ISIT.magazine in many arts and cultural magazines, among them Made In Mind Issue 18 curated by Forme Uniche, The Walkman Magazine and dontaskmewhybuthow curated by Guendalina Piselli.